we strive to create the ultimate beauty experience so you can relax + be present on one of the most important days of your life.

this means we travel to you + take care of the little details.














this added luxury includes:

A LIGHT EXFOLIATION- to renew the complexion

FACIAL MASSAGE- to encourage radiance

+ UNDER EYE PATCHES- to depuff and hydrate




The travel fee is dependent upon where your stylists are located from your prep location. We will always staff with the closest available stylist to you then work outwards.

A typical wedding is staffed to be completed in 4-6 hours.


Weekend Minimum of $350 apply during the months of April-October




A hair + makeup trial is an important step in the wedding planning process.

It gives us a chance to get to know each other + master the look you’ve been envisioning.

We’ll take the time to show you up to two styles and begin lighter with makeup, while gradually amping up your look until it feels perfect.







We have a studio located in Thamesford.

For trials, we offer 2 options which either cater to budget (in-studio) or the convenience of on-location (travel fee applies)

We require a signed contract + deposit to officially hold your date.




Frequently asked questions

How far in advance should I book?

We accept bookings up to 2 years in advance. We also allow you to make adjustments to your booking up to 3 months prior to the wedding day*.

Do you require a deposit?

We require a $100 non-refundable deposit to secure your wedding date.

What happens at the trial?

We spend about 10-15 minutes in consultation talking about the look you want to achieve. We then execute your full hair and/or makeup look, and tweak the look until you are completely satisfied. We then take photos and notes so we can recreate the look on the wedding day. The trial takes 1.5 to 2.5 hours total. We recommend that you bring along any hair accessories or jewelry you plan on wearing (if you have them at the time of trial). We also recommend that you wear a white shirt so you may gain the truest sense of what you will look like on the wedding day.

Where does the trial take place?

Teased Bridal offers 2 types of trials; In studio which may better fit your budget or on-location which caters to convenience.
We have 2 home studios located in Thamesford or Innerkip (near Woodstock). For trials outside of our studios we do charge a travel fee of $0.35 per artist.
During our busy wedding season of April-October we reserve Friday-Sunday mornings/early afternoons for weddings, and thus do not book trials for these times. This being said please let us know of a few dates in which you would prefer. Although we cannot guarantee these dates, we will do our very best to accommodate them.

As a bride should I book a hair trial?

We recommend a hair trial for all brides. Booking a trial appointment allows you to meet your stylist, have a consultation and an opportunity to test the waters with something you have in mind for your big day. Can’t think of how to wear your hair? A trial appointment is the perfect time to figure that out as we work together to create a style that is best-suited to your hair texture, face shape, & overall feel of your wedding, Knowing what to expect in regards to your hair also greatly reduces any added stress on your wedding day, giving you one less thing to think about.

As a bride should i book a makeup trial?

Booking a makeup trial allows you to meet your Teased Bridal makeup artist, have a consultation and an opportunity to test the waters with something you have in mind for your big day.

How should I prepare my hair for hair services?

Please have clean and dry hair coming into your appointment with us. Ideally, having washed and dried it that morning or the night before works the best. We do not recommend "dirty hair" it can more often become a problem with the natural oiliness that occurs and/or build up of previously applied product. Both of these factors make it extremely difficult to work with the hair and can be damaging to styling tools. Hair that is weighed down by the oils in your hair will be limp and appear less full.
With that being said there are some hair types that generally style better the next day (or even two days after being washed) – this tends to be more dry and coarse textures, and ultimately… you know your hair best, so please do take this into consideration leading up to your appointment.

How should I prepare for a makeup trial?

Please have a clean and moisturized face coming into your appointment. Ideally, having not used a moisturizer with an SPF. SPF moisturizers although great for daily use, are heavier and less than ideal for wedding day makeup. Your face will develop more shine as the day goes on, and depending on the ingredients, can somewhat reflect light or lighten your face. Don’t fear if you only have a moisturizer with SPF, we can take this into consideration during your makeup application, we just like to give you as much information pre-wedding day as we can.
Some may choose to do some lite exfoliation pre wedding as well. This ensures that you have a fresh, smooth completion. We ask however that you refrain from exfoliating 3 days before the wedding as it can leave the skin with a little more redness.

What Brands of makeup do you use?

Each artist features a unique selection of makeup in their kit. Our goal is to offer you the best products; long lasting & non irritating with tried and true results no matter what the brand name. This being said the quality of ingredients play a very important role in our selection. If someone in your bridal party has sensitive skin, we ask that you inform us pre wedding day. Depending on the situation we may ask them to provide some of their own makeup items.
Some of the many brands we carry are Tarte, Urban Decay, Laura Mercier, M.A.C, Graphtobian, Colour Pop, Nars, Kat VonD, Temptu, Kett & Too Faced. (Just to name a few).

What is the difference between airbrush & traditionals makeup?

Both airbrush makeup and traditional makeup are great options and cater to different skin types.
Airbrush makeup is thinner than a traditional foundation. The makeup particles are very tiny and mimic the way a camera would view your skin once applied. Think of it as tiny little pixels being applied as opposed to a big block of color. This allows blending to appear seamless. The downfall to the pigment being so fine is that it does not fill in uneven texture & can cling to the tiny hairs that we all have on our faces (Some more then others). This being said it works best on skin that is already in pretty great condition and should never be applied heavily.
Traditional foundation is more opaque, and has a richer coverage. Also, because the finish is in hand-blending, you can work the product into skin that may have some texture issues, filling in all the nooks and cranny’s. Not to mention, traditional foundation is more flexible when it comes to building up or sheering down coverage, which gives the artist more control over the final outcome. The formulas of traditional makeup also cater to a larger variety of skin types allowing the artist to choose the ideal foundation for your skin needs. In the end the finish of well applied traditional makeup will appear seamless and HD. Those who are a better candidate for traditional makeup are as followed: Mature clients, Skin with rosacea or scaring, Acne prone skin, dryness or vellus hair.
Most times we will have our artist recommend the best option for you based on your skin type and desired finish. Sometimes this includes a thin layer of traditional makeup followed by a lite application of airbrush to finish.